Basic Scaffolding for Oil & Gas Training


Basic Scaffolding for Oil & Gas (TPTI Standard)

Duration : 5 Days
Course Size : Minimum 4 Persons/ Maximum 12 Persons
Language : This course can be presented in Thai and English
Price : Please Contact

Course Overview : The course aims to provide the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for personnel involved
in Scaffold construction, maintenance and inspection for offshore and onshore Oil & Gas industry in Thailand.

Who should attend : All entry level scaffolders

Course Outline :

  • By the end of the program, participants will have the knowledge to identify, list, describe and/or demonstrate:
     An outline of the requirements for scaffolding including personal and worksite safety, protection of others;
     Identification and use of the common forms of scaffolds with emphasis on British Standard tube/coupling
    types, common fittings and accessories;
     Use, inspection and maintenance of safety equipment including full body harness with shock absorber
     Preparation, use, inspection and maintenance of scaffolding materials;
     Use, inspection and maintenance of ladders, gin wheels;
     Know and practice the criteria for safety inspection of all types of scaffolding structures
     Proper sequence and practice for the erection, alteration and dismantling of Tower scaffolds, Independent
    scaffolds, Cantilevered scaffolds (practical);
     Recognize safety hazards in the scaffolds listed;

Certification : TPTI certificate. Validity period is 3 years.

Schedule : On request

Training Location : Laemchabang or Songkhla (THAILAND)

Compentency : Written & Practical Assessments

Included : Coffee Breaks, Lunch, Handouts, Local Transportation

Accommodation : Inside Training Center and many choices available.

Contact us : Telephone (033) 006158, (033) 006159
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